From an idea to the product

Inbrooll is a solution provider specialized in shaping a product idea. We enjoy creating new products. At Hydroo we provide integrated solutions for each project: market knowledge, needs to solve, product analysis in both technological and innovative aspects, as well as turnkey operations definition (manufacturing and supply chain).


Our projects

Market and technological prospective


Improvement on operations and lean manufacturing implementation

Sales guidance

Product strategy

Turnkey projects: electromechanical, hydraulics, marketing, fluid handling


How we work

At Inbrooll we follow a sole method based in 5 phases:

A Basic Research, with the aim of achieving a Feasibility of the Project. Read more

An Applied Research, with the aim of confirming the Project Viability. Read more

A Project Development and Marketing Plan, in order to  get the Project Approval. Read More

A Production Plan, with a competitive and efficient Manufacturing. Read more

Search for Financing, because any Project means a technological progress, a process enhancement or an innovation; Hydroo manages funding search. Read more