Inbrooll to sponsor young researchers


Inbrooll has co-sponsored the project Satestrat, an upper stratospheric probe that has achieved a new altitude record.

Inbrooll Industries SL co-sponsored the project SATESTRAT, which consists in sending a probe to the upper stratosphere. The purpose of the project, carried out by two 16 years-old high school students was to obtain a video footage of navigation, taking continuous measurements of various physical and chemical parameters of the atmospheric column and dominate the sending of unmanned devices over long distances. The project has been a success and has allowed testing the basic tools of the probe: the balloon driver, controller PCB, built-in memory, flight simulators and forecast trajectory, which allowed following the evolution of the flight live through internet.

The launch was successful from the model airfield CAGIP in Banyoles, NE Catalonia reaching a record high of 36,458 m.

Inbrooll congratulates the students Aleix and Lluís, the mentor of the project, the professor of physics Fina Grabuleda, the Banyoles Pere Alsius High School, who has covered the legal and administrative project and the other companies and individuals who were responding to the crowd-funding initiative undertaken by the two young researchers.

Inbrooll is committed to supporting entrepreneurial initiatives of young researchers and creative who with their abilities to work and overcoming want to break barriers of knowledge, set skills and capabilities in the region and promote the creation, all initiatives that create value to society.

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